Video of Fan Thinking She Met Rick Ross on Vacation Goes Viral

The woman and the doppelgänger even trade Rozay ad-libs.

Instagram / Getty/Jason Koerner

It was a case of mistaken identity.

A video of a woman thinking she met Rick Ross has gone viral online, though it wasn’t actually him—just a man who kind of looks like him.

Darceal Gates posted the clip on Instagram, alongside the caption, “She’s from Wisconsin, her and her husband thought I was Rick Ross so I played the part, lmfao.”

Gates was on a vacation in Cancun when the woman, named Hannah, stopped him. “She just spotted me, Rick Ross,” he said in the video.

Gates also encouraged Hannah to offer her own version of Rick Ross’ ad-lib. “Huh! Can you say that for the camera? She just thought she seen Rick Ross so I wanted to give her a little picture and everything. Shoutout Hannah and her husband.” 

Gates later posted a TikTok showing him eating breakfast with Hannah, revealing that she figured out he wasn’t Rozay. “I’m here with one of my groupies,” he said, as he and Hannah once again traded Rick Ross ad-libs and laughed. “Aye, Hannah’s great peoples. There goes the wifey right there. When you wake up in the morning and realize that wasn’t Rick Ross.”


Rick Ross part2: When she wakes up and realizes hey you’re not Rick Ross. For full story, watch previous video. #rickross #ross #maybachmusic #maybach #boss #lmaoo

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