Duke Deuce Drops New Video for "Running Out of Love' f/ Dante Smith

Duke Deuce has dropped a new song and video for "Running Out of Love" featuring Dante Smith. The song follows Duke's Rico Nasty collab, "Falling Off."

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Duke Deuce has dropped the new song “Running Out of Love” with Dante Smith.

The song shows a different side of the Memphis rapper, who’s outfitted in a black bandanna, black shades, and black studded leather vest—aka Duke Deuce the rockstar.

The song follows Duke’s Rico Nasty collaboration “Falling Off,” with the video shot in a similar style as “Running Out of Love,” with close-up shots of the artists.

Deuce caught up with Complex back in March 2020, where he answered how he fits into Memphis’ rap scene. “I’m one of the top dogs,” he said. “I’m changing the game, especially here. I’m making it cool to be crunk. The scene was kind of quiet for a minute. Everyone here sounded like everyone else, there was no Memphis in the rap music here. I’m bringing that back. I’m the top dog of the city. I’m trying to be a legend.”


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