R. Kelly's Ex-Wife Responds to "Admit It" With Her Own Remix

Andrea Kelly shared the lyrics to her version via Instagram on Tuesday, calling her ex-husband a deadbeat dad, an abuser, as well as a disappointment to his mother.

On Monday morning, the controversial R. Kelly released a 19-minute record titled “Admit It,” on which he dismissed his longstanding sexual abuse allegations. R. Kelly sings about the claims of his alleged sex cult, being “set up” by his accusers, and also enduring sexual abuse as a child. Though he does admit to a number of acts—like infidelity and promiscuous sex—he suggests he would never do anything that would disappoint his late mother, Joanne Kelly:

For nothing, for no one, nada, mama, Joanne, is watching
She must be turning over in her grave 
[...] Listen to heaven, just stay on my grind, and that's 24/7
And I know my mama Joanne is smiling down on me

Well, R. Kelly’s ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, has responded to “Admit It” with her very own remix. The actress/dancer shared the lyrics to her iteration via Instagram on Tuesday, insisting R. Kelly’s mother probably is looking down on him … in disappointment.

And rolling over in her grave because of the ABUSIVE things you do
You say she’s looking down from heaven So there’s nothing she didn’t see
Which means she saw you BEAT me from heaven and neglect her grand babies……Admit it

You can read Andrea’s full lyrics in the Instagram post below.

Andrea, who is the mother of R. Kelly's three kids, recently spoke about the abuse she endured while married to the singer from 1996 to 2009. 

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“Robert, you don’t get to tell my story,” she said during an appearance on Sister Circle last month. “You don’t get to tell people that we got divorced because I had a problem with being a stay-at-home mom. We got divorced because I was no longer going to sit and be violated. What he did to me was criminal.”

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