Watch Jaden Smith's Music Video for His New Song "Fallen"

Jaden Smith gives Kid Cudi a shout out in his new music video for "Fallen."

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Jaden Smith never fails to deliver incredible visuals.

On Sunday evening, the 18-year-old released the official music video for his new track called “Fallen.” And he enlisted his good friend and collaborator Kid Cudi to share the news.

The project has everything you would expect from a Jaden video, including a visually striking outdoor setting contrasted with eccentric, sometimes uncomfortable, imagery. It begins with a shot of an Old West town labeled “Calabasas 1867.” We see Smith dancing, stumbling, and regurgitating around the area, while he sings and raps the slow jam.

“Baby you are so unusual like cutting cuticles/But that is what makes you beautiful like watching tulips grow/When you walk is like slow motion baby, why you moving slow?/When you talk I got my lasers on you like a UFO,” he raps.

The video later cuts to a shot on top of a peak, where Smith gives Cudi a shout out by displaying his Man on the Moon: The End of Dayalbum cover. It then concludes with a message teasing Smith’s upcoming project titled SYRE, which will be “coming soon.”

You can check out the “Fallen” video, co-directed by Smith and Miles Cable, above.

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