Producer Detail Hit With Sexual Assault Lawsuit

The alleged victim claims the producer sexually and mentally abused her for years.


Image via Getty/Alberto E. Rodriguez


Producer Noel "Detail" Fisher is facing a serious legal battle. 

Earlier this year, two aspiring singers accused the prolific hitmaker of rape and emotional abuse. About eight months after the allegations went public, Billboard reports one of the alleged victims is suing Detail for "engaging in a two-year pattern of violent sexual assault." The outlet obtained a copy of the complaint, which was filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The suit claims Detail used his influence within the industry to manipulate model/singer Kristina Buch. The producer—who has worked with everyone from Beyoncé and Lil Wayne to Nicki Minaj and French Montana—allegedly promised Buch that he would help her become a star; however, their relationship allegedly took a dark turn.

The complaint states Detail became "controlling and verbally abusive toward Buch, telling her that she needed to have sex with him and others to get ahead in the music industry." The lawsuit also claims Detail would emotionally abuse Buch to make "her subservient to him." He is also accused of raping the plaintiff on seven separate occasions; two of which occurred in front of other people.

Legal documents allege Detail pressured Buch to break up with her then-boyfriend, threatening his "goons will come after him." The plaintiff also claims Detail insisted she is "naked at all times," and even assigned one of his assistants to accompany her 24 hours a day.

Buch's lawyer confirmed the complaint Friday.

"It is unfortunate that Ms. Buch was forced to suffer unthinkable harm at the hands of someone she considered a mentor," attorney William J. Briggs told Billboard. "Fortunately, Ms. Buch was able to escape Mr. Fisher’s control and bring these horrific allegations to light. No person should have to suffer the type of abuse Ms. Buch has suffered. In addition to seeking redress for Mr. Fisher’s reprehensible conduct, we hope this will shed a light for all those around Mr. Fisher, including other potential victims."

Briggs said Buch could receive millions of dollars in damages "given the horrific sexual assault."

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