G Herbo and 6ix9ine Trade Shots on Instagram

6ix9ine has been extremely active on Instagram since his early release from prison, and had some words for G Herbo in what looks like a burgeoning beef.

G Herbo

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G Herbo

6ix9ine and G Herbo are beefing again on social media.

The latest drama began on Saturday afternoon, when Tekashi posted an old clip of Charlamagne tha God making a bold promise: "If Tekashi 6ix9ine beats this case, I’ll suck his dick," the Breakfast Club host said on air, referring to 6ix9ine's racketeering charges. "He don’t even have to ask me."

G Herbo commented on the clip, pointing out that the "Gooba" rapper technically didn't beat his case, as he copped a plea deal in which he agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors and testify against his co-defendants.

"Lol but he didn't beat it," Herbo commented on the clip reposted to DJ Akademiks' account. "He told. He plead guilty too."

6ix9ine fired back, of course, in the most 6ix9ine way: "You have herpes is that correct," he replied. "Let's name a gherbo song that's platinum Akademiks post it I'll delete my gram."

G Herbo has yet to secure a platinum certification, but he did receive his first gold plaque for the title cut off his 2020 PTSD album.

The Chicago rapper returned to the comments section, insisting he had something 6ix9ine didn't have: respect in the streets.

"I went platinum in the streets somewhere you really wanna be but [will] never be able to go," G Herbo wrote. "... & I got rich on my own, nobody never me cool & stole from me lol you basically paid to be cool you @nickcannon ... be safe."

6ix9ine always likes to have the last word, which leads us to believe that this exchange isn't over.

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