Shocking Footage Appears to Show Famous Dex Assaulting Woman

Famous Dex was allegedly caught on camera assaulting a woman.

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Shocking footage surfaced Tuesday night, which appears to show Chicago rapper Famous Dex assaulting a woman. Posted to Instagram by singer Tish Hyman, the surveillance footage allegedly shows Dex chasing a woman down the hallway and then hitting her repeatedly. Another man later comes into the frame and separates the two, later leaving the woman and following Dex back down the hallway. 

According to Hyman, Dex broke into and trashed an apartment she was previously renting to him after committing the assault. In another Instagram post, she claims that Dex was texting her throughout the incident as if nothing was wrong.

Dex briefly took to Twitter to try to defend himself, but later deleted the tweets. In the tweets, Dex claimed that he hit the woman after he found out that she had cheated on him. "She wasn't hurt," he wrote. "I cut my hand like wtf I'm not like that she cheated on me an she was wrong God know." 

Hyman later fired back at those who came at her for "snitching" on him, saying she was simply seeking justice for the woman he assaulted.

Famous Dex is signed to Rich the Kid's Rich Forever imprint and is affiliated with 300 Entertainment. He dropped his mixtape Dexter the Robot on Monday

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