Migos Announce 'No Label 3' and Preview New Music

Is Migos season around the corner?

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Migos look like they're celebrating 4/20 pretty hard. In a new video from the studio, the rap trio can be seen in a thick cloud of haze while working in the studio. Thankfully, they're apparently also hard at work. The video serves as the official announcement of their upcoming project No Label 3. The last No Label project—2014's No Label 2—was a big one for Migos. That project produced the track "Fight Night," one of their biggest hits.

We'll see if No Label 3 will be able to match that success, as the group's buzz has cooled a bit in recent months. Nonetheless, judging by the video it's clear that they have some good potential options. The group preview a number of tracks with short snippets. It's obviously hard to tell a hit from just a few seconds, but there's definitely some promise there.

You can check out the video above to hear the previews yourself and decide whether or not the group is set for a 2016 comeback. 

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