Justine Skye Performs New Song, Talks Signing to Jay Z and More

Justine Skye stopped by Complex's Facebook Live to chat about Jay Z and her new song.

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Justine Skye stopped by Complex's Facebook Live broadcast to chop it up about all the great stuff she has going on nowadays. She started off by discussing her upcoming video for "You Don't Know" featuring Wizkid, which she shot recently in Los Angeles. "It's really all about the color of the video. It's really sexy and mysterious... and there's a really random cameo in the video. A lot of people are gonna be like 'What?' but it's cool," she said, going into how much she enjoyed working with Wizkid.

She also discussed being signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation. "It's so awesome, even though the most time I've ever spent with him is like 20 minutes," she said, expressing amazement that she actually got to hang out with Jay. "It's a dream come true," she said.

After her chat, she finished off the appearance with an exclusive performance of an unreleased song. You can check out her entire Facebook Live conversation with Complex and performance in the video above.

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