Craig Mack Freestyles for Jesus in Bizarre New Video

If you were wondering where Craig Mack has been, the answer is apparently freestyling for Jesus at church.

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When Puff Daddy held his Bad Boy reunion concert in Brooklyn this weekend, one important face was missing: Craig Mack. The "Flava In Ya Ear" rapper has long been out of the hip-hop scene, instead choosing to live a quiet life out of the spotlight in Walterboro, S.C. He has become a devout Christian, and was seen in a 2012 video repenting for his former "wickedness."

Now, Mack has resurfaced with another video in which he testifies in front of the church in a freestyle rap. "Well I know to the world/The rapper I kicked would make you think I'm a lunatic/Lost my mind, I'm mentally sick/But for all mankind this is it/New kingdom on the earth where the devil don't fit," he spits.

The video comes from the controversial Pentecostal Christian Church Overcome Ministry. Pastor Ralph Gordon Stair, who is featured in the video, was accused of raping two women in 2008. Although the rape charges were eventually dropped, he pled guilty to lesser assault charges and confessed he had fondled them in the past. Mack's family has expressed concern about his membership in the church, which they refer to as a "cult" in a 2012 video from Media Take Out

Mack was originally known for his successful 1994 single "Flava In Ya Ear," which put Bad Boy on the map and helped facilitate the breakout success of The Notorious B.I.G. Mack quickly became overshadowed by Biggie, however, and his music never received proper attention from the label. He disappeared in the mid-2000s and resurfaced in the aforementioned 2012 video.

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