Peligrosa's Final Weekend During SXSW 2014 was a Full Blown Movie

We built the SXSW 2014 events we did with Peligrosa and Karmaloop up as kind of a big deal. But I don't think anything could've prepared us for what

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We built the SXSW 2014 events we did with Peligrosa and Karmaloop up as kind of a big deal.  But I don't think anything could've prepared us for what went down at Chupucabra over the weekend.  Vibes and energy was thick from the jump Friday, but this exploded into one of the freshest two days of parties I think I've ever personally been to, let alone helped organize.  Seriously, from like 11:30PM on Friday through the end Saturday night, the room was jam packed to the brim and everyone had a freaking smile on their face from ear to ear.  Basically it was a movie that we all knew we were in and the only choice you had while you were there was to simply turn up more.

Friday night, Pickster One set things off first with so many vibe ready tunes in his production arsenal that totally warmed everyone up in a hurry.  Stylust Beats followed that up with some rap and trap feels on top of some EDM banger productions all slickly blended live on the decks.  Super secret last minute addition was the 3ball MTY camp and the Latin party vibes officially went through the roof.  SMOG affiliate Pawn followed up with some tricked out 70 BPM wickedness and turned it out into his amazing fusion of footwork and drum and bass.  The young assassin Buku stepped up next and completely tore the room apart with a set of basically 100% original productions including some sneak peeks and some upcoming heatrocks to look out for.  Willy Joy was up next and does what he always does by taking a room from wherever they are currently at (in this case a 10) and takes them up like five more notches.  Closing out the night with a bang (as always) was the Moombahton Massive crew of Nadastrom, Sabo, and Jen Lasher.  Sneaking a peek in the booth and dropping a couple tunes with them was also Jessie Andrews.  Such wow that all this happened and we still had one more night to go.

Saturday night picked right up where Friday night left off.  Canyon Cody and Milkman both kicked off the night with furious energy and excitement that had the room completely buzzing before 11PM.  The West Coast vibe don, J Boogie, dropped a ridiculously dope vintage reggae and dancehall set peppered with classics and some hints at some latin feels as well.  Zuzuka Poderosa and her DJ, Nego Mozambique, followed up and completely captivated a packed house with a blistering set of live baile funk, zouk and global bass.  Play Me Records queen Reid Speed stepped up by throwing dime pieces of moombahton and twerk around like the boss she is.  One of the hottest names in the global bass world right now, Ape Drums, jumped on stage and bodied everyone with his take on dancehall-influenced bass music.  UK legends, The Heatwave, were next to completely captivate the room with their call and response dancehall explosion.  The island theme of the night closed out with righteous sets of original tunes and edits from two of the best in the business in Deejay Theory and Smutlee.

Basically, this run of parties we got to do with Peligrosa and Karmaloop were absolutely incredible.  Sweat dripped from walls, people consistently climbed speaker towers, tequila flowed like water and I didn't talk to one person who didn't have a blast.  Cheers to the Peligrosa crew and the good folks at Karmaloop for getting down with us.  Til next year?


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