Interview: Russell Simmons on Policing, Injustice, and What He's Going To Do About It

Hip-hop mogul and philanthropist, Russell Simmons shares his thoughts on what's needed to help counteract the recent civil injustices in America.

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Def Jam founder and iconic music mogul Russell Simmons stopped by Complex early Monday morning for an impromptu interview. The topic of discussion: What's to be done about the repeated killings of unarmed black men by police, and the pattern of those police being held completely unaccountable for these actions?

Russell, never one to sit idle, is already in motion to help encourage awareness and inspire change. He, along with others, plan to deliver a concise list of demands to the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, calling for indictments of the police officers Daniel Pantaleo and Darren Wilson. Some of the other requests are for equipment, training and increased diversity within our law enforcement agencies to help mitigate some of the factors contributing to the imbalance of rights and justice here in America.

Russell, being the philanthropist that he is, knows a thing or two about the power of celebrity involvement when it comes to raising awareness and igniting discussions. Russell believes that we need to see some of our most recognizable and powerful figures add to the conversation. He named Miley Cyrus and Nas as examples of the people he has reached out to, who are ready to lend a hand in our society's time of need.

Check out the full interview above, and stay with us here at Complex for more on this story.

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