The Game Says 2014 Beef With Lil Durk Was Over Tyga

The Compton rapper came to Tyga's defense after he started feuding with the Chicago native.

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The Game is opening up about his past beef with Lil Durk, who feuded with Tyga back in 2014, which resulted in Game and Tyga dissing Durk and 40 Glocc on "ChiRaq To L.A."

The Compton rapper shed light on the situation during a recent conversation with VladTV. As the Game laid out in the clip above, his issues with Durk were ignited by the Chicago rapper having beef with fellow California native Tyga.

"Tyga and Durk had some drama. I didn't even know who Lil Durk was," the Game explained. "Pretty much hold myself in this capacity where I'm like ‘Anything taking shots at the West Coast, like, I'mma live and die for.'"

Game continued by explaining how he ended up appearing alongside Tyga on the pair's 2014 Lil Durk diss, "ChiRaq to L.A."

"So Tyga hit me, he was like 'I want you on this song man and I'm beefing with, you know, Lil Durk. I'm like, 'I don't even know who Lil Durk is.' So I did my research and then I did my verse and then Tyga phased out of it," he added. "Then it was just me and Durk beefing. It was short-lived. Me and Durk, we exchanged a few words on wax."

Nearly a decade later, The Game and Durk are on good terms, as the pair squashed any resentment between one another after running into each other at an event hosted by Rick Ross.

"Ran into him at this Rick Ross party and we had mutual homies so we squashed it there," he shared. "It wasn't nothing and I saw Durk at Drake's concert, like, I don't know, a month or two back, and we laughed about it we chopped it up. We jumped on Instagram live and we was cool. I fuck with Durk, man. Durk is a real n***a and I love everything he doing.”

Watch The Game discuss his relationship and past beef with Lil Durk in the YouTube clip up top.

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