Swizz Beatz Discusses Possibility of Another Posthumous DMX Album: ‘It Has to Feel Good’

The producer shed light on the making of X's 2021 posthumous album 'Exodus.'

Soul Brother / ABC via Getty Images

More than two years after the release of DMX's 2021 posthumous album Exodus, Swizz Beatz isn't ready to rule out the possibility of fans getting another full-length project from the late Yonkers rapper.

In an interview with HipHopDX, Swizz revealed he has enough songs stashed away should X's estate want to drop a follow-up to Exodus.

“We have other songs. Can we make a new X album? For sure,” Swizz shared. “Will I make another X album? I don’t know. It has to feel good.”

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Swizz continued by shedding light on DMX's 2021 posthumous album, which the duo started working on after X’s Verzuz battle with Snoop Dogg in July 2020.

“He actually produced and had all of the direction," he explained. "A lot of people wanted to see X go harder, stronger — they even blamed me for it. But it’s actually what he wanted to do."

Swizz added, “It was just a different vibe. This is the music that X really listened to that people don’t know. They think he was just listening to ‘shoot ’em up, bang, bang’ music all day."

Back in 2021, Swizz spoke with Complex about the possibility of X a gospel album in the future.

"We have a lot of material on X, but for me to be a part of it, it has to be a level of what you heard [on Exodus] and above," he said. "I don’t want to just put things out just because it’s X. No. Is it magical? Is it going to add to his legacy? Other than that, I can’t have nothing to do with it. If it can add to the legacy and it is allowed to be curated, like we did on this record, then the people are definitely going to get some more magic."

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