Ari Fletcher has expressed her frustration with G Herbo, who recently admitted to being unfaithful to his ex during their relationship.

During a recent interview with Yung Miami on an episode of the City Girls’ podcast Caresha Please, Herbo was asked if he cheated on Fletcher with his current fiancée, Taina Williams. 

“Am I a cheater? Naw, I wouldn’t say I’m a cheater. I’ve cheated though,” the Chicago rapper admitted.

“Technically, yeah,” he continued. “I was young and I was dumb. I didn’t know no better. I was just doing shit. … I was just cheating. I ain’t gonna say I was just cheating but it’s like me and Ari was in a space—and I done talk to her about this already, I done already said my bid, my peace, and apologized. We was at a space, like I said, mentally like I be going through shit and I gotta like separate myself from shit. Me and her was having our differences but that was no excuse to cheat on her. That’s not why I cheated on her.”

Fletcher, who shares a son with Herbo, responded to her ex’s confession in an online interview. 

“I’m not gonna lie, I kind of always wanted him to be upfront and honest. I always felt like it was just me fighting against all of these people, trying to ‘tell my truth,’” she explained.

Fletcher went on, “Now at this point, I don’t really care. Back then, I would’ve loved that. Take this weight up off my shoulders, tell these people that I’m not trippin’.”