Musiq Soulchild/The Husel Visits The Breakfast Club, Promptly Gets Ethered

The Breakfast Club pokes holes in the Husel "state of mind."

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Musicians make peculiar moves. Musiq Soulchild is one of them. Last month, he unearthed his alter ego the Husel​, a heavily auto-tuned rapper that he describes as "a state of mind." People have questioned his career transition, and Twitter had a field day with 36-year-old singer/rapper, but he's been very headstrong about his decision. And he hasn't stopped defending himself, even while he was ethered on The Breakfast Club this morning.

First off, what is on his head? It looks like a cross between a Justin Bieber fitted and a Burger King crown. Furthermore, the reasoning he gave for this transition is just weird—he basically says he created the Husel because people love rap music right now. So you're openly admitting to just riding a wave? Charlamagne the God obviously didn't let him get away with that. The Breakfast Club pokes holes in the reasoning behind the Husel throughout the entire interview. However, we did learn that he's not dropping Musiq Soulchild, and he's actually working on another album right now. Hopefully that will be better than this

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