PROMO: Denitia and Sene Find Their Brooklyn Flow in the All New Honda HR-V Crossover

The duo drives to the beat of Brooklyn.

For Denitia and Sene, Brooklyn is where it all began. That’s not to say Brooklyn is where they’re both from—he is a native New Yorker while she hails from Houston—but it’s where they both met, soon after Denitia finally decided to take the plunge and move there in order to follow her dreams.

That decision has paid some crazy dividends, as the duo has since become one of the fastest rising acts in the country. But as their popularity rises, their need to stay connected with each other grows more and more vital—and nowhere does that connection take place more than when they’re both in the car together. Whether it’s at home in Brooklyn—hopping from coffee shops to lunch to shopping excursions in the Honda HR-V Crossover —or while on tour, their driving time has a sanctity to it that gives them a reprieve from such a demanding life. It also preserves the one thing that any artist—and any person—needs most of all: balance. That’s something you just can’t put a price tag on.

To check out more of Denitia and Sene’s day out in Brooklyn, be sure to click on the video above, brought to you by the all new Honda HR-V Crossover.

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