Meek Mill Judge's Lawyer Says His Attorney Is a 'Circus Clown'

A. Charles Peruto Jr., Judge Genece Brinkley's attorney, defended his client during a TMZ livestream.

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The controversy surrounding Meek Mill's drama never ends. In the saga's latest chapter, Judge Genece Brinkley and her lawyer is now fighting back at the rapper's own legal team with some name-calling. 

A. Charles Peruto Jr., Brinkley's attorney, defended his client during a TMZ livestream where he alleges there is a court transcript featuring evidence that Meek and his team have been lying throughout this process. "[Meek's attorney] Joe Tacopina is a circus clown. He wasn't fair, yet he gave all sorts of interviews saying the judge had this discussion trying to coax Meek into switching managers. It didn't happen," Peruto Jr. said. "And as soon as I got back and read that transcript, I told the judge 'Release the transcript because it completely flies in the face of his allegations.' And he is not representing Meek Mill the proper way." The attorney then calls out Meek's lawyer for showing off the case through media publicity instead of handling it in court.

After sentencing Meek to two to four years in prison for probation violations, her ethics were in question when documents suggested she had violated the Judicial Code of Conduct by using city resources and courthouse staff for personal business matters. Meek's attorney also claimed that she used her authority to target the rapper after he refused to mention her in a song.

Judge Genece Brinkley hired Peruto Jr. last week to defend herself against the allegations that Meek's defense has thrown at her. The judge's new lawyer then threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against the rapper's team.

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