Snoop Dogg Clears the Air With Suge Knight on "Let Bygones Be Bygones"

Snoop Dogg's new album, 'I Wanna Thank Me,' is out on Aug. 16.

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Snoop Dogg's new album, I Wanna Thank Me, is out on Aug. 16. But before it arrives, he's shared another preview of what fans can expect. The newly released single "Let Bygones Be Bygones" sees the 47-year-old rapper reconciling with a number of his former collaborators, but mostly importantly he talks about his complicated relationship with Suge Knight

"I'm cool with Suge, Master P, Dr. Dre, I'm cool with everybody. But I had to go get that cool with him. I had to sit down with Suge," he opens the song. "This man changed my life / We made history together," he continues. He later adds that Suge "did some bullshit," before highlighting, "when we was down, he helped pick n***as up." In posting the song on Twitter, Snoop tweeted, "Talking about some real chit!" Snoop got his first record deal at 18 thanks to Suge, who is currently serving time behind bars for manslaughter.

Speaking about the new album with Billboard recently, Snoop revealed that "Let Bygones Be Bygones" is the song he's looking forward to playing live the most. "That's a real musical song, very musical, where I'll probably have a proper band up there playing the musical pieces and give it an array of sound that normally you don't see in a hip-hop show," he said.

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