Sexyy Red Jokingly Tells Lil Yachty She's the 'Raw Dog Queen,' Explains How a Leaked Explicit Video Boosted Her Profile

The rising St. Louis rapper also revealed how the incarcerated father of her child found out she was seeing someone else.

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In an episode of Lil Yachty and MitchGoneMad's A Safe Place Podcast, Sexyy Red explained why she prefers sex without condoms and jokingly called herself "the raw dog queen."

Around the seven-minute point of the episode, as seen above, Yachty recalled when he was in high school and saw a used condom on her girlfriend's bed. "She just said, 'Oh, my sister was in here before me,'" Yachty said. "And I believed it!"

Red interjected that she had a similar experience in the past.

"One time my friend was at my house, and she was in there with her n***a in the living room and I told them, 'Do not fuck on my couch,'" she said. Shortly after that, the boyfriend of her friend came over and found a condom in her trash and told her boyfriend about it.


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"It was not my condom, I still to this day don't know where that condom came from," she continued. "My n***a called me the next day and was like, 'You had a condom in your trash can and stuff.' I'm like, 'That wasn't my condom.' I don't use condoms, baby. I'm the raw dog queen. So, that didn't come from me."

The hosts pressed for more after she said that and she explained what she doesn't like about them. She said she's not a fan of latex, and, "They make your coochie stink." Mitch suggested that she must have to trust every man she sleeps with, but she clarified that she isn't always having unprotected sex. "I ain't gonna fake it like I just be fucking raw," she replied. "I be fucking some n***a raw but not all the n****s."

She reiterated later on, at the 45-minute mark, that she does use condoms for real because of some past scares with sexually transmitted infections. "A n***a did do me like that and I called him .... and his girlfriend got hold to the phone and she was like, 'that's what you get,'" she shared. "It happens to the best of us."

Elsewhere in the interview, Sexyy Red shared the story of how the incarcerated father of her son found out she was in a new relationship. The man she was seeing at the time was already in a relationship and his girlfriend found an explicit video of Red and him on his phone. "[She] saw a video of him eating my coochie on the phone," she explained around the 26:30 point of the interview. "She posted it on the internet, and it went viral."


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She said her face was in the video, which is how the father of her child found out about her "sneaky link," as she put it. "The video went viral and got around," she said. "I couldn't do nothing about it because my face was in it. I couldn't even lie and say that's not me. ... But my baby daddy found out about the video because everybody in jail found out about it. It went viral everywhere, it was everywhere and it made my followers go up."

Watch the full episode of the podcast above.

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