Megan Thee Stallion Tells Yung Miami She Thinks Fans Encourage Beef Between Female Artists

On the latest episode of Yung Miami’s interview show, Megan Thee Stallion has suggested that fans will often attempt to instigate beefs between female artists.

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On the latest episode of Yung Miami’s interview show Caresha Please, Megan Thee Stallion has suggested that fans will often attempt to instigate beefs between female artists.

At around the 19-minute mark of the interview, as seen above, the City Girls rapper asked Megan what it was like to work with Cardi B and she implied they weren’t too sure about each other before they met. “I love her, she was so easy to work with,” she said. “But like, when we first met I feel like we was both like, ‘We good?! Everything okay?’” Miami added that it can be like that when collaborating with another female rapper for the first time, but Meg said she and Cardi realized they were cool with each other as soon as they linked up.

“Do you feel like y’all ever be in those type of predicaments, like you can’t work with somebody because you worked with somebody else? I feel like, just friends in general, when you know your friend might not feel so good about somebody, do you like, go out your way to be like, 'Okay, bitch, I'm not fucking with you. Period," Megan continued, to which Miami replied that it's natural to want to be "loyal" when someone you're close with gets into a beef. "You wanna not really get into what they got going on because it's like, if JT don't fuck with somebody, I don't fuck with you," said Miami.

Megan added that it’s “different” when it comes to JT, though, because of how close they are. She clarified that she meant artists more on a business level, than on a friendship level, and Miami said she's happy to work with artists on both sides of a beef if she likes them. "I feel like everybody—I feel like, this generation of girls, like, it's kinda reminding me of how the girls was in the '90s," said Megan. "I feel like the girls back then, like, they didn't even—if they even wasn't on the song, they would still be at the video shoot, you know what I'm saying? It's starting to get back like that. It's no need for nobody to be mad at nothing."

The Traumazine rapper explained that while female rappers are on more friendly terms again these days, the fans are still trying to drive a wedge between artists. “I feel like it be the fans more so than anybody,” she said. “They keep it up more than the actual artists and they got the world thinking, like, something that’s not happening...”

The pair highlighted there was a “Hot Girl Summer vs. City Girl Summer” debate between fans at one point, which they both laughed off and implied they weren’t impressed with. “I feel at one point in time, they were trying to pit us against each other,” Miami said, noting she felt there might have been issues between them because of how the fans were acting. Now, however, they’re clearly on good terms and even flirted just moments later. “The power couple, they ain’t ever seen no shit like this before,” Megan said with a smile.

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