Jadakiss Recalls Smoking Cigars At a Jordan Retreat in Puerto Rico: ‘They Killed Me, They Lined Me Up’

He compared smoking one of the cigars to being punched in the back of the head by Kimbo Slice.

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On the latest episode of 7PM in Brooklyn with Carmelo Anthony and The Kid Mero, The Lox rapper Jadakiss shared a hilarious story of when a cigar he smoked at a Team Jordan retreat in Puerto Rico almost wiped him out.

When the Jordan retreat from earlier this year was brought up by Anthony, which Jadakiss also attended, the rapper nonchalantly replied, "They killed me, they lined me up." At the retreat, all the Jordan Brand-representing players were in attendance to kick back and relax. Jada performed a small set for everyone there, and at the after-party he noted they had people rolling Cuban cigars for the guests.

"Drinks is flowing... 'Yo, lemme get a cigar,'" Jada continued. "Now, I've been messing with cigars maybe a month or two. Now I got probably like six months... I'm learning. They gave me one of the craziest... I said, 'Yo, I should have knew, 'cause I never even seen one with the small front on it!' Shit is crazy. .. I let 'em gas me. It was like Kimbo Slice punched me in the head from the back. I can't get up."

At one point he recalled that someone told him to "shake it off," but all he was thinking about was trying to get up so he could get some water. "I gotta hold it up in front of the guys, I can't do it, my legs is noodles," he shared. "They lined me, man. They gave me a $30,000 cigar that killed me. ... I know next time, that was a lesson learned. Stay in your lane in the cigar game. ... They gave me the Jordan six rings! Jordan when he's lit. They gave me the top of the line."

Anyone familiar with Michael Jordan knows he loves nothing more than a cigar. Throughout The Last Dance, for instance, he's seen smoking some of the finest cigars available in the world. Jada and Mero even made a reference to a scene from the documentary where Jordan had a cigar in his mouth while wielding a baseball bat.

"They tried to kill me, dog," Jada laughed at the experience. Despite the cigar almost taking him out, he said the retreat was overall "awesome" and he had a great time. "Shook it off, though. I would have been viral if I would have tried to get up," he added.

Watch the full episode of 7PM in Brooklyn above.

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