Jack Harlow Says He's 'Conflicted' by Draymond Green Choking Rudy Gobert

He suggested the moment was good for the league because "we need that here and there."

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In an appearance on It Is What It Is, Jack Harlow was asked for his thoughts on Draymond Green putting Rudy Gobert in a chokehold.

At around the 7:30 point of the episode, Mase passed on offering his take on the situation, which resulted in Green getting a five-day suspension, so he could hear what Harlow had to say. "I didn’t like seeing that happen to Rudy, I didn’t like seeing how his face was like that and how he felt during that, but I do fucking love Draymond I can’t lie,” Harlow said with a little laugh. “So, I’m a little conflicted. That it was a beautiful moment for the league… ‘Cause it’s like we need that here and there, right? I don't know."

Mase suggested it looked like Green was "playing" for a little bit, but he quickly realized it was something more serious when he noticed Gobert looked like he was about to pass out. "Do you think Draymond couldn't wait to do that to Rudy for starting COVID?" he joked, referring to why Gobert laughed off COVID-19 in 2020 just weeks before the league shut down. Around that time, trolls accused him of starting the spread of the novel coronavirus in the NBA.

"I seen that meme," laughed Cam'ron. "I said this shit about Draymond... when they won the championship. Draymond's gonna do whatever they got to do for him to win. And I think, to me, my personal opinion... He's around mad light-skinned n***as and he got to be the dark-skinned n***a sometime."

Harlow added, "Same shit I said... Well, I didn't say that exactly." Cam said he agreed with Harlow because he thinks the NBA is "too soft sometimes." However, he still thinks Green went overboard. "He choked him for 17 seconds, I think nine seconds would have been cool," he added. Mase said that he believes Green should've been suspended for longer than five games, while Harlow thought it was "appropriate."

"You know how Draymond had to do something dark skin, do you ever feel like you got to do something dark skin?" Mase asked Harlow, which left him speechless for a moment. Cam interjected, "Drake said, 'I'm light, but I'm still a dark n***a.' Is that how you feel sometime?" Harlow instantly replied, "Not verbatim."

Elsewhere in the interview, Harlow was asked about what he looks for in a woman and whether he's willing to divulge any information about dating other celebrities. He was asked if he would date anyone in the industry, and he nodded with a smile before adding that he didn't want to say who. "I feel like I shouldn't say, it wouldn't be very playeristic right now. It's the early stages still."

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