Here's the First Trailer for 'Top Gun: Maverick'

The first trailer for the 'Top Gun' sequel is here. Set 34 years after the original film, 'Top Gun: Maverick' sees Tom Cruise return to the iconic role.

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The first trailer for the Top Gun sequel is here. Set 34 years after the 1986 original, Top Gun: Maverick sees Tom Cruise return to his role as Peter "Maverick" Mitchell, while Val Kilmer is also back. They will be joined by a cast that will feature the likes of Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Glen Powell, Jon Hamm, and Ed Harris among others.

The teaser for the Joseph Kosinski-directed movie doesn't give away much in the way of plot, but it does show that Cruise's Maverick is the new flight instructor of Top Gun. Teller is set to play Bradley Bradshaw, a rookie pilot and the son of Nick "Goose" Bradshaw from the original. Impressively, the trailer also hints at just how many of the stunts in the movie were practical rather than CGI.

Jon Hamm recently explained that the majority of the footage is, in fact, for real. "They’re using some technology on this that is never before seen," he teased. "We’re shooting the movie in, I think, 6K. So it’s incredibly hi-def. The aerial footage is mind-blowing. And it’s mostly practical. There’s not a lot of CG. Those guys are really up in planes and getting thrown around in multiple Gs."

And here's the first poster for #TopGunMaverick

— Collider (@Collider) July 18, 2019

It certainly does look sharp, but the release is still a ways off. Top Gun: Maverick is set to hit theaters June 26, 2020.

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