Dominic Fike Stars in Promo Videos for pgLang's Converse Collaboration

The new release is follow-up to their first collaboration, which dropped last year.

Astrida Valigorsky via Getty Images

Kendrick Lamar's company pgLang has a new collaboration with Converse on the way, and to coincide with its launch, they shared two videos advertising the shoe, with Dominic Fike starring in both clips. The first sees a machine reading his "aura," only for the result to come out in a different color than he expected, which speaks to the mysterious nature of the shoe.

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The second commercial, however, sees Fike examining the shoe up close. "I feel like there's a deeper meaning in here," he says in the clip below. "I know these guys, they probably put a message in the shoe."

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The shoes will be available to purchase on November 2.

Last week, pgLang shared a collage-style piece featuring articles of clothing, iMessage text chains, album covers, and a screenshot from the 1993 coming-of-age film The Sandlot. The text chain featured in the image shows Free and Lamar responding to a PDF file with menswear designer Martine Rose's name attached.

Twitter: @pgLang

The tweet was the first public activity from pgLang since Kendrick and Baby Keem teamed up for "The Hillbillies" in May. The duo is scheduled to perform together at the return of Tyler, the Creator's Camp Flog Gnaw next month. Whether that means a collaborative project is on the horizon remains to be seen, but there's certainly activity on the pgLang front.

Curiously, the collage also features the front page of a script for a pilot episode of a TV show, although the writer and story credits are redacted. Last year, it was announced that Lamar was getting into the world of films with a new untitled live-action comedy for Paramount Pictures. Written by Wonder Showzen and Xavier: Renegade Angel creator Vernon Chatman, the movie is about a Black man who plays a slave reenactor only to find his white girlfriend's ancestors owned his ancestors. Earlier this year, South Park co-creator Trey Parker signed on to direct.

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