Listen To The Original Version of The Weeknd's "The Morning"

Hear how it sounded before it landed on his critically acclaimed House of Ballons mixtape.

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"The Morning" has always been a favorite to us from The Weeknd after hearing his debut mixtape. An alternate version of the House of Ballons standout has however surfaced onto the internet. The original recording of "The Morning" saw Mr. Tesfaye rapping in screwed vocals over an alternative beat produced by Jeremy Rose (producer behind "What You Need," "Loft Music" and "The Party") which sort of resembles the final mixtape version. The original first appeared on The Weeknd's She'sSoLovely Youtube channel but has since been debunked. The Drake demo from a few years back was cool, but we're rocking with this more. Hear it below.

Listen: The Weeknd "The Morning" (Original Version)

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