Caucasian Sensation Spooky Black Rocks a Durag Better Than You

Is he America's answer to Yung Lean? Time to find out.

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Who is Spooky Black? Oh, just a motherfucking Internet monster with the voice of an angel.

From the looks of his Soundcloud, he hails from St. Paul, Minn. and is America’s answer to Yung Lean. But nevermind that. Back in February, he hit us in the head with the video for my wedding song, “Without You.” It’s a simp’s definition of simp muzik—and it’s an exercise in style and influence. Imagine singing this to your crush while rocking a turtle neck, a 14K First Communion chain, and either a white stocking cap or black durag even though you can’t get waves. All that equals waterworks, she won’t be able to resist. Trust.

I’m going to break down 10 of my favorite durag looks because you care.

Whoa. From the jump we have a very artsy shot by director/editor Gabe Broderick. The shot of him in his feels off in the distance really set the tone. The durag must be comfortable in times like this. The trees and the snow really bring out the black ‘fit.

#stockingcapflow. How can she resist?

Mind blowing shot. *picks up pieces of brain* So sad, so spiritual, so emotional.

Gotta respect the Fubu baseball jersey. And you gotta respect how spooky he looks. Now we know how he got his name. He knows how to wear a dudu, too.

I wish Bob Ross were alive to paint me a portrait of this, but with my face instead.

Another artsy shot from the director. Spooky lets his cape flourish, a true sign that he’s realer than most.

The crystal wall in the background really brings this shot to life. The silhouette of Spooky thinking of how she could be so ignant makes me wanna cry.

This director might be a genius. Brilliant editing, sir. Very spooky shot.

How old is, Spooky? His hairline is in a weird place but no hate. That boy lookin’ clean.

Gotta always keep the cape out because these hoes ain’t loyal. Gotta smile to keep from crying.

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