Premiere: Watch Dark Lo and Harry Fraud's New Video "Auntie Had Withdrawals"

Dark Lo and Harry Fraud are back with a video for "Auntie Had Withdrawals," a song Lo says "hits on everything that I went through over the last two years."

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Philly rapper Dark Lo the Crook and producer Harry Fraud drop off the second single and video (we premiered the first) from their project Borrowed Time. From waking up in cold sweats because of his life in the streets to giving his aunt a fix because he couldn’t stand to watch her go through withdrawals, “Auntie Had Withdrawals” is a personal look at what Dark Lo has been dealing with his entire life.

Dark Lo had this to say about the song and video:

“It hits on everything that I went through over the last two years. Being caught between the streets, and the booth, the stress of having to make that money to support my family; while trying to stay focused on music. Dealing with the legal situation that me and the people around me were dealing with, my state of mind leading up to my incarceration. And at the time, my aunt, who I am very close too, was struggling with addiction issues. She was trying to get better, but it was killing me seeing her in so much pain and going through withdrawals, so I did what I felt was necessary at the time to help her. My fans respect that I put my real life into my music, that’s what they want and that’s what they are getting with this song and video. I had to shoot this video at my crib because I am on house arrest.”

Check out Borrowed Time if you haven’t already and check out our recent interview with Dark Lo where he talks in-depth about his legal situation.

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