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On March 14th, 2013 a mysterious Jersey club track called “Get Up On It” was uploaded by SoundCloud user Trippy Turtle. On March 20th the track wa

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The following interview was conducted by Join The Studio -- the expanding experimental electronic webzine and creative production studio based in Austin and Chicago with our hands in client design, hand printed apparel as well as underground music and art show curation/promotion. The interview is the first of many pieces of content brought to you by Join The Studio and

On March 14th, 2013 a mysterious Jersey club track called “Get Up On It” was uploaded by SoundCloud user Trippy Turtle. On March 20th the track was tweeted by Cashmere Cat and with the release of two more tracks soon after Trippy was quickly shot into the blogosphere and being played in clubs everywhere. It’s pretty miraculous, almost suspicious, how quickly Trippy Turtle rose to popularity with no support from a label or any other kind of promotional backing other than Cashmere Cat’s sign off and a word of mouth wildfire propelled by Internet-fuel. At least if there was some sort of big label backing at first; it was happening behind closed doors.  He came up so quickly that people even began to suspect he was the alter ego of an already established artist, Cashmere Cat being suspect number one. It’s now clear he’s not Cashmere Cat, but there’s still not a whole lot known about him, so we chased him down after his show in Austin, Texas to get to the bottom of things.

The prospect seemed grim at first. Seeing as how he’s never been interviewed before and how enigmatic he’s remained. We figured he would probably decline to give an interview and he did. He didn’t want to be on camera but to our surprise he agreed to a text interview. The turtle has emerged from his dark mysterious shell to finally answer the question the electronic music community has been asking for the last year: Who Is Trippy Turtle?

You're very enigmatic and there isn't a whole lot of info about you out there especially when you first started. How did you feel about all the speculation and people thinking you were Cashmere Cat?

It is very confusing to me... how can someone be two people at the same time?

How old are you?

I stopped counting at 103.

Where are you from?

I'm from the beach. You know, the one right by the ocean

Do you have a pet turtle back home? Can you send us a picture? What's it's name?

That's just cruel, I would never support slavery. SAVE THE TURTLES.

Any plans to release on a label or are you staying independent?

Fofofadi Foodchain Records <3

How did you get in touch with Cashmere Cat?

Cashmere was lost in New Jersey and needed a lift.

Do you have any musical background or play any instruments?

Yes, I play the shello.

What do you want to accomplish as an artist? What do you want your music to go out into the world and do?

I want to make people make babies.

Most ridiculous Trippy Turtle rumor you've heard?

That I'm not a turtle hahahaha.

Freshwater or saltwater?


Do you have beef with tortoises or do y’all kick it?

We chill.

What do you think about the increase in popularity of memory foam mattresses? Is sex going to sound blander in the future with out bedspring squeaks?

This does not worry me. I will keep the bed squeaks alive.

Where does the fo fo fadi sample come from and what's it's significance?

It is the name of a food chain of musically talented animals from all over the world.

Which city has the best lettuce?


Do turtlenecks give turtles a bad name or would you rock them?

The turtle makes the shell, not the other way around.

How did you feel about the last Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?

They were better when they smiled.

Are you secretly Jonathan the Zombie kid who "likes turtles" from that viral video?


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