The 10 Best DJs Over 40

You can't escape it: EDM is seen as the sound of the youth. Just look at your parents' faces when you throw on some amazing new track. Yet like with a

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You can't escape it: EDM is seen as the sound of the youth. Just look at your parents' faces when you throw on some amazing new track. Yet like with any youth culture, there have to be pioneers and forefathers to show you the way. And while you might feel weird walking into a rave with a 40-year-old, some of the best DJs out there could be your uncle.

Here, you'll find a number of seasoned veterans; DJs who have helped pave the way for the producers and DJs that that you look up to today. They are all active today, and are still seen as pillars of their particular style of EDM - or over the scene as a whole.

Carl Cox

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Age: 50

Carl Cox is pure energy. Just check his sets from the 2013 Ultra Music Festival, and realize that not too many young DJs can rock for three hours, let alone do it over the span of two weekends. Carl Cox has been involved in the dance music since since the 1980s, and shows no signs of stopping.

Pete Tong

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Age: 52

Pete Tong is not only the man behind BBC Radio 1's Essential mix, he was the top choice for the Evolution radio stations in Boston and Miami, becoming the overseas voice for EDM fans in Noth America. When it comes to presented the latest and greatest in dance music on the radio, Tong's heads above anyone else.


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Age: 40

Technically, Dieselboy is one of the best DJs in the land. He put American drum & bass on his back early, and has worked his way up to being a major force in the dnb and bass music scenes in America and overseas.


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Age: 44

Tiesto's still at the top of the heap - literally, he placed #2 in the DJ Mag 100 DJ's list in 2012. He's sold out arenas in the US, and has helped introduce a number of today's EDM stars to the mainstream, all while using his status to help in philanthropic efforts, including AIDS awareness.


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Age: 42

This Grammy-nominated producer has been in the game for years, having worked alongside everyone from deadmau5 to Tiesto, and was voted in a DJ Times poll as "America's Best DJ" in 2011 (along with placing #30 in DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJs list that same year).

Tommie Sunshine

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Age: 42

The outspoken, world-traveled Tommie Sunshine has done everything from hold down residencies and helped establish a number of clubs both in Chicago and his current Brooklyn, NY home, but he's worked and DJed with some of the legends within the dance music scene. He's also one of the only DJs that could knock out a Katy Perry megamix that was officially added to the re-release of her Teenage Dream album.

Paul Oakenfold

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Age: 49

Oakenfold's worked as a DJ since the 1970s, and transitioned to dance music in the mid-'80s. He helped bring the sounds and pizzazz of Ibiza to the world, and has been instrumental in pushing acid house and goa to the masses as well. One of the true legends within the dance music scene.


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Age: 47

No one on this list has been more influential to their scene. Goldie helped pioneer the drum & bass sound that's running today, and whenever he touches the decks these days, you're bound to hear something you loved, or a tune you didn't know that you'd love.


Richie Hawtin

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Age: 42

Hawtin has been a mainstay in the minimal techno scene for years, and even today still champions the need for more underground sounds to be pushed right alongside today's EDM tracks.


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Age: 43

Sasha, along with former partner Digweed, was part of the explosion of DJ gigs being staged like rock concerts, complete with light shows and video production. He's been very vocal about the problems he has with EDM, and strives to push the sound and technology used in dance music to new, experimental levels.

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