CLUBJERSEY Awards 2014: The Best Bets of 2015

The Best Bet category is for producers who we think will be primed to take 2015 by storm. This might mean that during 2014 they had one or two big tracks, however had not found consistency with their releases, or maybe their mixes were lacking a bit of a polish. Let’s hope everybody in this list discovers a sound they are comfortable with and they stay consistent throughout next year!

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Ed. Note: These are the CLUBJERSEY awards for 2014 as presented by Do Androids Dance. The people who were considered for our awards are as of a result of the opinions of arghtee (CLUBJERSEY Founder) and people who were on our panel. People on the panel put forward their thoughts on who they thought should be considered for an award, but the final decision, and the article write up, was by arghtee.

Category: Best Bet 2015
The Best Bet category is for producers who we think will be primed to take 2015 by storm. This might mean that during 2014 they had one or two big tracks, however had not found consistency with their releases, or maybe their mixes were lacking a bit of a polish. Let’s hope everybody in this list discovers a sound they are comfortable with and they stay consistent throughout next year!

DJ Problem
Top Tracks of 2014: "The Worst" remix | "Anaconda" remix | "Family Affair" remix

A favorite amongst many on the panel and initially considered for the top producer award, in the end it felt like 2014 was just a precursor to what 2015 might hold in store for Problem. Problem is the producer that made me first fall in love with Jersey club music, and is the epitome of why I love Jersey club. Aggressive chops, bass heavy drops and in general his tracks are a sure fire guarantee to turn any mix into a problem

Top Tracks of 2014: "BBE Challenge" | "NSA Challenge" | "Break Her Back"

Consisting of youngsters from New York (namely Mvntana, DJ Sliick, DJ Styles and more), they have been responsible for some of the most viral tracks of 2014. Initially starting with "NSA challenge" and moving onto "BBE Challenge" and "Break Her Back," this squad is the reason youngsters are recording and sharing videos of themselves “double tapping” all over the internet.

These New Yorkers are proving Jersey club doesn’t belong in just Jersey and are justifying the depth the Jersey club genre seems to be sprouting. It seems they are due to follow in the formula DJ Taj has laid out, providing catchy tracks and a reason for people to actively share the music. It comes as no surprise that Taj has already given the co-sign and was one of the reasons "BBE Challenge" enjoyed the viral success that it did.

Although not our top pick for 2015, we will be keeping a close eye on seeing what the next year holds in store for the VMG team. With some better mixdowns, and cleaner samples some of the VMG producers could prove to be unstoppable in the years to come.

DJ K-Duecez
Top Tracks of 2014: "Fancy" remix | "The Worst" remix | "Nigga We Made It" remix

Recently signed to a new European booking agency, which should hopefully land K-Duecez on shores across the pond, K-Duecez would pick up the hardest worker award if there was one. Earning himself a number of radio appearances on a variety of stations, not to mention doing well on the DJ circuit, it’s fair to say K-Duecez has earned his stripes.

Although his SoundCloud is not the strongest in terms of plays, we feel this isn’t relevant when we consider K-Duecez, especially since due to “unofficial” SoundCloud services, any artist’s views could be misleading. K-Duecez is cultivating a following, and his page is becoming one of the go to locations where you are guaranteed to find a solid remix. We know K-Duecez will be working hard throughout 2015, so we hope everything clicks together for him.

DJ Irresistible
Top Tracks of 2014: "Anaconda" remix | "Fancy" remix | "Rounds" remix

If you take a quick scroll over Irresistible’s SoundCloud, it seems Irresistible has remixed every track that blew up this year. "Hideaway," "Anaconda," "COCO," "Fancy," "Latch," "2 On," "Man Of The Year", "Drunk In Love," and "Up Down" have all been remixed by the man in question, and are all remixed to a good standard to that effect.

Irresistible is consistent, the mix down of his tracks are solid, all the levels in his tracks seem as good as they are going to be without being professionally mastered, but what Irresistible is lacking is online presence. What we want Irresistible to do more is be more in our faces more and flaunt his remixes when he drops them.

We feel like Irresistible is ready to become the next big producer from Jersey doing big things, however the final piece missing is perhaps the hardest part of all, getting stuff viral online. I guess the only other qualm I have is that I keep misspelling “Irresistible!" Let’s hope we see Irresistible get the blogs on board, as well as a legion of Twitter fans, which would see him slay 2015.

Fluke Nukes
Top Tracks of 2014: "Loyal" remix | "Be My Baby" remix | "Lemonade"

Fluke Nukes is the one artist on this list that doesn’t fit the traditional Jersey club mold. Jersey club constitutes “the heartbeat,” the instantly recognizable kick pattern, other than that arguments range long and wild about what should and shouldn’t be considered Jersey club music. Personally, I recognize it all, and with producers like Flukes Nukes, the barrier for what’s accepted as Jersey Club broadens.

Fluke Nukes brings harmonic synths to his tracks, the synths that people from outside of Jersey can’t seem to get enough of. That’s not to say Jersey won’t follow suit. As people in Jersey evolve their taste, due to producers such as R3ll and Tr!ck$ tweaking their style slowly towards that sound, perhaps Fluke Nukes could become a household club name inside and outside of Jersey within the next year.

Top Tracks of 2014: "Team Lil Man Anthem" | "Upper" remix | "Rock With It"

93rd is already a fan favorite due to the success of "Team Lil Man," and he ended up being the biggest winner at the Jersey Club awards hosted in Newark on December 6, being the recipient of four awards:



Due to producing "Team Lil Man Anthem," we have had the pleasure of hearing the damage 93rd can create when his tracks have been fully mixed down by a professional engineer.  I guess it’s no surprise that 93rd’s most successful track has been the aforementioned "Team Lil Man Anthem," which has accumulated over 1.8 million listen on SoundCloud–and over two million views on YouTube–in the three months its been out. Those are impressive figures.

Listening to 93rd it seems clear as to what his signature sound is. Catchy strings/vocal chops layered on a solid tight kick, which make you want to try to sing-along as you try to get the running man going. We hope 93rd keeps up with the originals, and he is a serious contender for top producer 2015 should he stay consistent throughout next year.

Top Tracks of 2014: "Slow Wind" | "Summertime Sadness" remix | "Trouble" remix

A close second on the list, SBF knows the formula to get a track popping. A young producer as it is, his style is energetic with rapid vocal chops and it always seems that SBF has the perfect amount of layers to his tracks. Just enough so that it’s not empty, but not overpowering so that the vocals and the kick are washed out.

Having gone through a recent re-branding, we hope SBF can use the new image to further push on and capture more listeners coming into the New Year. However as with any artist, the key to having a good year is due to one key word, consistency. Let’s get it!

Best Bet: Tricks
Top Tracks of 2014: "I Love You" remix | "Infamah" remix | "Wham Bam" remix

Everything seems primed for Tr!ck$ to breeze into next year so its comes as no surprise that he is our top pick. Signed to management from LA (All Mine LA), Tr!ck$ seems like the perfect candidate to blow out of Jersey and take the rest of the world by storm.

Specifically we expect to see him grow his affluence in LA, as LA has cultivated a real thirst for the club sound, and we predict that Tri!ck$’s smooth style will translate well with the fan base there. That’s not taking anything away from Tr!ck$’s presence in Jersey, having already played a solid number of events this year, Tr!ck$’s looks set to use this year as a platform to boost himself. Our money is on Tr!ck$ to rock this upcoming year, but here’s to hoping that everybody on this list steps up their game even further and pushes the scene to new heights.

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