Vic Mensa Responds to Unpaid Rent Claims, Says Landlord Put His Family in Danger

The rapper, born Victor Mensah, is reportedly expected to appear in landlord-tenant court on August 25.

Nbc / Nathan Congleton / NBC via Getty Images

According to TMZ, Vic Mensa is the target of a lawsuit by his ex-landlord who claims the rapper owes unpaid rent. The suit, which was filed by Attorney George Georgopoulos on behalf of the property owner on Tuesday, alleges that Mensa owes $8,340 in rent and late fees.

The rapper, whose real name is Victor Mensah, is expected to appear in landlord-tenant court on August 25 to answer for an eviction request from 3936 S Indiana LLC, HipHopDx reports.

Georgopoulos added that his client "is left holding the bag of paying real estate taxes, maintenance, and other costs for the building while Vic Mensa continues to use and occupy the space without paying rent."

However, Mensa has disputed the landlord's claims, saying that the building was unsafe, which put his family in danger. A rep for the 30-year-old rapper said that the artist took action to try to protect his family after an incident in March in which Mensa's apartment was broken into by an alleged rapist while his girlfriend was home alone.

"The negligence of this landlord Imran Khan put the lives of Vic Mensa's family in danger, particularly his girlfriend who was alone when their home in Chicago was broken into by an armed serial rapist who we later learned from the police had AIDS and a long history of attacks against women including the rape of an 8 year old child," a rep for Mensa told Complex. "Luckily Vic's girlfriend was safe and unharmed and the intruder was incarcerated. There was zero security on the building and the landlord refused to install any amidst numerous requests, so Vic moved as he wasn't under any lease obligations to remain in the unit.  The landlord was in violation of multiple Chicago Renters Rights codes and instead of taking accountability he’s attempting a money grab to collect rent from after the break-in occurred when Vic wasn't even living in the building anymore."

Per TMZ, police say a man was arrested and charged for breaking in to the apartment and court records show the suspect was arrested on several occasions for battery and violating the sex offender registry.

Vic Mensa has been outspoken about housing-related issues in the past. To shed light on the housing crisis in America and in his hometown of Chicago, the rapper helped raise money by spending the night outside in a tent and giving away meals to the homeless in the Windy City back in February.

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