Video Premiere: Cut Chemist f/ Blackbird "Outro (Revisited)"

It's like a mini-action movie.

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If Cut Chemist's new single, "Outro (Revisited)," has a frenetic, escapist feel to it, there's a good reason for that. The Los Angeles DJ/producer recorded the track following his release from jail. You can hear his sense of urgency in every portion of the track, from rapper Blackbird's high-energy flow to drummer Deantoni Parks' driving percussion.

That vibe remains especially true in the Corey Brandenstein-directed video, which plays out like a mini-action movie across its 2:44 running time. You catch glimpses of Cut Chemist doing his thing on mobile turntables while Parks hammers his kit. But it's Blackbird who steals the show, running for his life as he tries to fool and outwit the cameraman. Can he make his escape? See for yourself by watching the video above. You can purchase the single now on iTunes.


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