Music Links of The Day 12/20/2011

A breakdown of Kanye and Jay-Z's smash single, Erykah Badu and Florence Welch perform at "VH1 Divas," and the year's musical obituaries.


Rolling Stone breaks down Kanye West and Jay-Z's "Ni**as in Paris." [via RollingStone]

Erykah Badu, Sharon JonesFlorence Welch, and others perform at VH1 Divas. [via ConsequenceOfSound]

The year in musical obituaries, from Teena Marie to Amy Winehouse to Heavy D. [via VillageVoice]

Despite rumors, Jon Bon Jovi isn't actually dead. And he tweeted about it. [via Billboard]

Someone is mapping the history of rap using Foursquare. [via Mashable]

Eight kids of hip-hop stars who had a huge 2011. [via Vibe]

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