Drake's "6 God" Art Was Inspired by a Dead German Painter

The original praying hands emoji.

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In a world where nothing is original, everything is digital, and anything can be Google Image reverse searched, Tumblr B4-XVI beforesixteen, curated by Cecilia Azcarate has identified the source of Drake's "6 God" art. The praying hands perhaps resonated most with frequent users of the praying hands emoji, which may have itself been an inspiration, but the credit goes to a 16th Century artist. Albrecht Dürer​ was an artist and mathematician from Nuremberg, a Renaissance man both in era and colloquialism. 

He dropped Studie zu den Händen eines Apostels (Study of the Hands of an Apostle) back in '08, as in 1508, essentially spearheading the praying hands emoji movement of the time. Let's just hope Albrecht's descendants of half a millennium later don't come at Drake asking to cut that check.

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