Patti LaBelle Praises Cardi B for Her Kindness While They Worked Together: 'She's the Baby Patti'

Despite coming from two different musical worlds, the iconic diva and the "Bongos" rapper found common ground in their latest collaboration.

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Patti LaBelle has nothing but praise for Cardi B.

The iconic singer made an appearance on The Tamron Hall Show on Friday to talk about her food brand, Patti’s Good Life, and her collaboration with Cardi’s line of vodka infused whipped cream, Whipshots. 

The “Holiday Harmony” campaign brought the two stars together, leaving the Bronx-bred artist admittedly “super starstruck,” for a series of videos in time for the holidays. 

“I’ve always wanted to meet her, and when I met her she said, ‘I’m just so excited to meet you,’” LaBelle told Hall, as she imitated Cardi’s Bronx-Dominican accent. The Godmother of Soul noted how kind the 31-year-old “Bongos” rapper and her family were, even hilariously mixing up her sister Hennessy’s name with

“All of the people that came with me? She talked to the kids on the phone at home, she did everything nice, she’s not a diva. She’s a beautiful spirit,” added LaBelle.

Hall noticed that their kindness is one of the things that the two women have in common, saying, “Every show I’ve had, I was in Chicago on local news … Today Show, this show, there’s not been a point in my life that you have not shown such kindness to my whole team, everywhere you go. That’s why I think it was a perfect match because you have that same vibe.”

“She’s the Baby Patti,” responded LaBelle. “Cardi is the Baby Patti.” 

Last week, LaBelle chatted with ET on the red carpet for CMT’s Smashing Glass: A Celebration of the Groundbreaking Women of Music. The “Lady Marmalade” singer told the outlet that other young stars have been reaching out to her for advice.

"They do they call me for information. I'm the OG, I'm 79, and all my little girls like Ledisi and Fantasia and Beyoncé... and Ariana Grande... they all call me," said the diva, adding, "for information about things that they're going through, that I've been through."

"So I hope that I can always give information to my babies," she added. "Because that's what I do."

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