Raptors' DJ Andre 905 Drops New Track and Video "Wasn't Me"

The tune features rising GTA artists Young Cake and Phab.

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DJ Andre 905, official DJ of the Raptors 905 (the Toronto Raptors' G League team), has just dropped a new track he executive produced called "Wasn't Me."

The tune—a dancehall-meets-hip-hop flip of Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me"—features verses by rising GTA artists Young Cake and Phab. Both of them join Andre 905 in the accompanying music video, premiering on Complex today. Check it out above. 

Andre 905 says "Wasn't Me" was the result of a series of detours. "Young Cake, Primo EMG, and myself made a song called "Best Life" that was initially scheduled to drop this summer," he tells Complex. "We planned on filming the video in Miami in April but then COVID hit. The song had a summer feel and we decided to push off shooting a video and dropping the record to 2021. As a result, I was going through beats on YouTube and found “Wasn’t Me.” I contacted the producer who was Sir Rahmal. He sent me the beat and I changed the structure of it. I sent it to Young Cake who wrote to it. He suggested we ask Phab to sing on the chorus. We all got in the studio and laid it down."


After being the Raptors 905's official DJ for the past three seasons—and holding down the vibe at Mississauga's Paramount Fine Foods Centre—Andre says making the transition to dropping his own music has been a learning process. "It's different [going] from playing other people’s records to making your own. It's been a challenge in terms of learning the digital marketing side of promoting your records. Learning the business side of putting out a song has been important. The creation process has been fun and challenging as well."

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