PREMIERE: Toronto Pop Singer AJA Taps Pressa for "Who's Gonna Love You?" Remix

The Toronto teen pop star recruited Jane-Finch rapper Pressa for a remix of her latest single.

aja pressa

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aja pressa

It's always beautiful seeing dissimilar elements come together harmoniously: chicken and waffles, Jay-Z and Linkin Park, Dharma and Greg.

Our latest favourite what-the-fuck mash-up comes courtesy of Toronto teen pop upstart AJA, who recruited gritty Jane-Finch rapper Pressa to jump on the remix of her sophomire single "Who's Gonna Love You?" The 16-year-old former YouTube sensation's track is a much bubblier, more radio-friendly affair than we're used to hearing Pressa spit on, but it actually works—he gets to flex the melodic sensibilities we all know he's got. Listen to it below:

It grows on you, trust me. I just listened to it again. Pressa's high-pitched flow blends nicely with the track's soft-edged, sparkly sonics, and complements AJA's mall-ready earworm hook. Good on our mans for not being afraid to genre-bend.

"There's so much great music coming out of Canada right now—it's great to support and collaborate with other artists, especially young artists just starting out like AJA," says Pressa in a statement.

“I love the vibe that Pressa has brought to 'Who’s Gonna Love You?,' I’ve been a big fan of his music for a while now and it's been great to collaborate with another artist from Toronto," says AJA.

AJA released her debut track "Nerve" back in May.

Last month, Pressa dropped a stark, seven-minute mini-movie tackling police brutality for his single "Harriet."

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