Frank Ocean Using His Newly Public Instagram to Tease Music

Frank Ocean continues to venture out of his typically reclusive shell. Is new music on the way?

Frank Ocean teases new music

Image via Getty/Robert Kamau

Frank Ocean teases new music

Frank Ocean continues to venture out of his typically reclusive shell, and is even teasing music. Usually we must wait in silence for YEARS before getting new Frank, but those days might be behind us. The singer went on his recently-made-public Instagram to share a snippet of a new track. Check it out below.

In the clip, Ocean headbangs over a trap beat and overlays some tornado/whirlwind emojis. There’s no way of knowing if this is a song off an upcoming project or if he’s just messing around in the studio, but either way it’s always good to see Frank’s face period. “Frank opening his private instagram to the public has been the greatest gift of all,” one Reddit user accurately observed.  

Frank opened his previously private Instagram last week, after a year of speculation that the account was his. He greeted new followers with a mirror selfie and the straightforward caption “welcome.”

Perhaps Frank was inspired to hit the studio after peeping this scarily accurate breakdown on Twitter explaining how to make a replica of his music. Hopefully this means new music is on the way. 

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