10 Things That Were Better About Rap in the 90s, According to the Cast of ‘The Breaks’

The stars of the upcoming VH1 original series share their favorite aspects of ‘90s hip-hop culture.

Cast Breaks

Image via VH1

Cast Breaks

The Breaks, VH1’s original series about hip-hop in the early ‘90s, provides a window into the genre at a crucial turning point in its history. Though the series is full of true to life details and real music from the era, The Breaks is driven by a talented ensemble cast playing fictional characters that bring 1990 New York to life. We spoke to three of those actors, Antoine Harris, Ali Ahn, and Sinqua Walls, to get some insight into what they learned about ‘90s hip-hop while making the show, what music they grew up on, and what they miss about the music from back then. And for more of the signature flare that made ‘90s hip-hop so iconic, tune in to The Breaks series premiere Monday, February 20th at 9/8 Central on VH1.

1. The Albums Were Cohesive

Big Pun

2. MCs Were Storytellers


3. The Spirit of Competition

VH1 Biggie

4. Hip-Hop Broke All the Rules of Traditional Music

VH1 Nas

5. The West Coast Ran Things

Snoop Warren

6. Female MCs Started To Assert Themselves

Salt N Pepa

7. Hip-Hop Was the Music of Rebellion

VH1 Tupac

8. New Jack Swing Pulled Hip-Hop and R&B Together

Bell Biv Devoe

9. Producers Took Pride in Their Craft

VH1 DJ Quik

10. The Beats Still Make You Move

VH1 Dre

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