DaBaby and 50 Cent recently linked up, and while the younger rapper was soaking up game from a hip-hop OG, Fif commented on how he plans to mentor him in the same way he wishes he could have done for Pop Smoke before his untimely demise.

DaBaby took to Instagram to share that he and 50 were together, captioning the post, “Somebody I been studying for a MINUTE lended me a few hours of his time today. N***as so scared to let me in the room they fucked around & let me end up in the room w/ @50cent. BIG MISTAKE! Beyond grateful for the game. Couldn’t have come from a better source. Now watch me put this shit to use.”

50 responded to DaBaby’s positive sentiments in the comments, saying he plans to take the Charlotte star under his wing.

“I lost pop [Smoke] before he could get it, This one already got it and he listen,” he wrote. “I’m a teach him all the mistakes i made, so he can be better than me. THIS IS HIP HOP!”

While this was a positive moment, DaBaby is still fighting back against some backlash he got earlier this week for only giving $2 to kids selling candy on the street. In a snippet of a Complex News episode featuring DaBaby, the rapper explained his actions and why he didn’t financially bless the kids selling the candy.

DaBaby clarified he wasn’t trying to disrespect the children but instead tried to teach them a lesson about not blocking their blessings. Check out the entire Complex News episode later this week.