Retch is a talented rapper, an expert internet user, and a polarizing figure in today's rap game. He's been in and out of trouble over the years, and most recently disappeared from social media, a place where his fans have come to cherish him because of his unpredictability. Come to find out, he once again found himself jammed up and he reached out to me so that he could clear the air and drop a new visual.

The track is off last year's Still Going Up and produced by Cap1of1. The video itself is a Loonies production co-directed and edited by R3X Wonders and it's trippy as fuck complete with bats and shit. And of course, Retch is rapping his ass off, as he's been known to do. And I have to say, "Back on That Evil" is a perfect song title for when he comes back home. This is just the first of a slew of releases he has planned while he's inside knocking out this probation he's been on since 2015.

Retch knows he has to put what seems to be constant legal troubles behind him and he's adamant about getting back to work when he's back home, which should be soon. Over the phone, he sounded in good spirits and was positive about everything. I was taken aback by how grounded he seemed, but once he explained his situation, I understood why that was. We've seen Meek Mill publically fight for his freedom due to draconian probation laws in the United States, and Retch finds himself in a position to finally put all of his legal problems behind him once he's done with this stint inside.

We talked about why he's incarcerated yet again, when he should be out, and his plans. Check out the "Back on That Evil" above, read our interview below, and expect more Retch music in the very near future. 

People have been asking about you, man. You've been really quiet. So, what do you want to talk about?
Shit, man. I'm locked up on this little probation violation. I've been on probation since like 2016. This shit is kind of like a recurring thing that's been going on for a little while. After this situation right here is over, I'll finally be off of probation. I can move forward, get past that little chapter in life. Getting held back at the will of these people and shit like that. This legal shit is really in the way. And, this shit don't discriminate. It happens to all types of people. It could be old shit, it could be new shit. It's an unfortunate circumstance but that shit ain't about nothing.

When do you think you'll be getting out?
I'll probably be out the next couple months. I've already been locked up for six already. I'll probably be out within the next three to five, somewhere within that range.

What are your plans while you're in there? Do you plan on releasing more music?
Yeah. I got plans to release a couple of things while I'm in here. We're going to keep the buzz alive. Keep the conversation going. Let motherfuckers know I was working and shit. I got a bunch of videos and I got a bunch of singles I was working on. I was working on the Bulture 3 project prior to this happening. I got plenty of music to release.

Once you're done with this probation period and come home what does that mean?
I'll be done with all my legal shit. I don't got to report nowhere, I don't got to report to nobody. I can live my life and just kick back, be easy. So, that's one positive thing about this situation.

You're going to stay out of trouble and shit, right? Rebrand like Gucci?
Yeah, facts. I don't want to say it, though, I want to just do it. I want the young supporters and followers to know that we're not glorifying none of this shit. This the shit that motherfuckers was really into prior to really getting out there and really capitalizing on making music and being in the public eye. Some people still carry those burdens with us. It's not something that we're glorifying or anything. I want to be a model to the kids and let them know that anything that you got going on, make sure you handle all your responsibilities.

If you got any legal issues going on, make sure you handle them to the fullest extent so these people can't haul you off to jail anytime they feel like it. Especially if a situation isn’t too dramatic where you would have to go away and do a whole bunch of time. Just get all this shit out the way because this shit will hold you back from doing the thing that you really want to do. I'm missing time out of my work life, I'm missing time out of my son's life. I'm coming with a whole different energy.

You know all that wild, young nigga shit... It was reasoning behind all that shit too, you feel me? A lot of people ain't know what's going on in my personal life. I think I got to start getting more personal with my music because I don't really touch on what's going on around me and shit. If motherfuckers didn't know, I was on trial facing like 65 to life for a shooting, you see what I'm saying?

Yeah, I remember that. You had came home from that first bid and had to fight that case.
I came home and went straight to trial. While I was doing that time, that case was still open. A lot of these situations overlapped. I was on probation since then, so after I got off that trial, they restarted this probation. So, all that wilding out and all that shit, motherfuckers ain't know what the fuck was going on with me. I'm wilding out because I don't know what the fuck going on. You feel me? I don't know which way the pendulum was going to swing. God blessed that shit, it swung in my favor and I ended up being good.

That's good news then. What are your plans for when you get out?
Absolutely. I had a lot of big things going on prior to my arrest. Trying to get back and capitalize off of all the opportunities. like I said, I was working on Bulture 3 prior to this happening, and I had a couple other little surprises up my sleeve that wasn't announced yet and whatnot. So, I got a bunch of shit ready to go.

I got a heavy fanbase, I got a heavy following, so I appreciate all my supporters and I appreciate all the love that I get. So, it's something that people will kill or die for, something that shouldn't be taken for granted. I'm just ready to get back to it. When I get up out of here, I'm on their neck, I'm turning up, that's the energy I'm coming with.

I'm about to recoup on my last little distribution deal I had. So, I don't know. I can go in for a new situation with them, I could go fuck with some of these majors that was fucking with me. I just left Warner before I came in here. I had some talks at Universal. I did a project with Sony with V-Don and shit that should be coming soon. I know you'll probably fuck with that right there.

I was going to ask you that, too. I'm pretty sure labels have tried to sign you. Are you seriously thinking about signing with a major?
I was independent for so long and I had a little situation with being independent that was working with me for so long that I wasn't beastin’ to run to a major just yet. But now, I feel like the way the chips are stacked, especially with the way how majors is now more hands-on with their artists and all the resources that majors are coming with, I feel like that shit will really work out in my favor. I feel like I've got the name to a level where now a major would take it all the way over that hump.

Everything that I drop, definitely support the new 'Gram. My new IG is the same handle as my Twitter, Retch07bix. I had a little unfortunate situation, they had deactivated my original 'Gram. Some bullshit, but whatever. We can run that following right back up.

I'll be home soon.