It's been far too long since we were last blessed with the gravelly bark of UK rap hard nuts Pete & Bas, but they're finally back in action, this time calling on the equally gruff tones of M24 to join them on a drill production from RFP and 91shots.

After posting a pixellated still from the new video a couple of weeks ago, Pete & Bas kept the anticipation high before dropping the new Yukki-directed video. Pete & Bas jumping on drill feels like the most natural thing in the world now that we have it, and adding M24 to the mix is the icing on the cake. While the pair work well in their own little bubble set apart from anyone else, this M24 collab definitely makes you wonder who they should team up with next... CASisDEAD, maybe? Whoever they work with next, "The Old Estate" seems to have caught on just fine, with many praising the pensioners' skill and ability on the mic.

We're just about ready for the mixtape.