There's probably not one person on this Earth who hasn't been affected by Coronavirus this year. It's wreaked havoc in all our lives and that goes double if you work in the music industry. One artist putting a brave face on things is alternative rapper BUSHROD who's taken the experience of losing his day job and tried to make something positive out of it, namely his new J.Grooves-produced single "Doing OK".

It's basically a slightly whimsical response to the inescapable "So how's lockdown been for you?" (except they know they answer is "bad", so it's accompanied by a slightly patronising tilt of the head). Even if lockdown hasn't been completely horrible for you, you're still sick of that question. "In a way I was trying to keep up appearances and putting on a 'poker face'," he explained, "because I was scared that people would judge me for not working or doing much with myself during lockdown. Me releasing this song is kind of a 'fuck you' to self-doubt and almost getting my own back on my old workplace for cutting me off, and showing people that I now actually am doing bigger and better things."

Hit play at the top to watch the Brixton-based rapper trying to come to terms with all the extra time he has on his hands in the visual from director Natalie Argent. And remember, whether you've been working solidly or sitting in the bath playing Jenga like BATHROD, there's no right or wrong way to deal with lockdown.