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After ordering a giant Thanksgiving meal in the Hamptons on Thursday, 6ix9ine reportedly gave the restaurant a hefty $2,000 tip before leaving with the takeout. 

Page Six reported that the Blu Mar was where 6ix9ine chose to order his Thanksgiving dinner, consisting of 20 steaks, 10 burgers, and 10 pasta dishes.

“When they saw four SUVs pull up with six huge bodyguards, locals lined up on Main Street [Southampton] thinking that President Trump was in town,” a source told Page Six. “But it was Tekashi.” 

Zach Erdem, owner of the Blu Mar, also said 6ix9ine talked to him about how times were tough in the music industry because of COVID-19 sanctions. Then reports started coming in on Sunday that 6ix9ine was seen in a strip club with his girlfriend Jade and neither of them wore a mask.

6ix9ine is seen in the video above reportedly celebrating Jade's birthday in a Florida club.

TMZ said 6ix9ine was seen with two sizeable bags of cash and not a mask in sight while he was in the club. The site also noted that despite the rapper saying he shouldn't carry out the rest of his sentence in prison because he feared he might catch COVID-19 due to asthma, he seemed to have no problem being in the crowded club.

This is also one of the first times we've seen 6ix9ine out in public since his last album Tattle Tales effectively flopped on its release week. The release earned only 53,000 equivalent album units in its first week, and ever since, Tekashi has scarcely been seen on Instagram or any other form of social media.