T.I. joined Speedy Morman on a new episode of the Complex News series 360, resulting in a wide-ranging discussion that kicked off with The L.I.B.R.A. artist addressing the widely shared photos from his packed mid-pandemic album release party.

While T.I.—who noted that he gets tested for COVID-19 frequently—doesn't follow CDC guidelines and the advice of other leading health experts regarding the wearing of masks, he explained that he's "not saying that people should be careless."

From there, T.I. dove into the personal importance of his new album, which he considers his best yet and also his favorite. Naturally, this brought on another discussion starting near the seven-minute mark about the lyrics of "We Did It Big." For T.I., the reflective track was "definitely the most painful to make," even inspiring him to "shed a tear or two" during the writing process. Of course, one lyric—namely the second verse "end up pissin' on Drake" bit about his friend—also brought some laughter for fans.

"I know I didn't have any ill intent and any malicious intent going into it," T.I. said of the lyrics in question. "I know that Drake and I ain’t never had no issues. I don't have no real motive to weaponize an accidental incident against him. And I hope or thought or think that he’s intelligent enough and aware enough to understand that. For one, you gotta think about who's actually stirring this pot. You got blog sites. You got the tabloids. And, you know, they ain't really got no skin in the game. They just wanna see some dust kick up for their entertainment."

From there, T.I. said it's his belief that any claims from fans or others theorizing issues between him and Drake—though not truthful—will be dealt with by "the universe." He also explained that his line is always open if Drake wants to reach out to him about anything.

"I mean it ain't no big deal to me," he said at the 9:50 mark. "I've never refused a call from [him]… If he ever needed to talk to me about anything, my line has always been open. I don't feel, necessarily, a need to hunt him down and interrupt his day to ask him why he unfollowed me. To me, that's not really grown man business. On some real shit."

Later, around 15 minutes in, T.I. is asked to rank the verses on the star-stacked 2008 single "Swagga Like Us." The making of the track itself, T.I. said, marked an "incredible" moment in his career during which he felt history was in motion.

"Again, I'm gonna tell you, I don't like nobody better than me," T.I. said when asked for his take on the best verse. "I ain't never met nobody that I like better so I'm gonna always say me. But it's not for me to decide. That's to leave up to the fans. We create the music so y'all can give your opinions." Still, T.I. was ultimately convinced to do a full ranking of all four verses.

Catch that ranking, as well as T.I.'s thought on his upcoming Verzuz with Jeezy and much more, via the video up top.