The music made by Barcelona-based DJ and producer MANS O is a world apart from the house and techno that does such a roaring trade in his hometown. Tracks like "CEO", which will be released as part of his new EP Hi-Tech Tongue, weld together a Molotov cocktail of sounds, all born from Afro-diasporic sounds to create something that's as intoxicating as it is overwhelming.

Elements of footwork, dancehall, jungle, gqom, grime and the Angolan-born sound of Tarraxo all coalesce against a canvas of rampant experimentalism. Aiding him in his sonic explorations on "CEO" are La Rana and Jokkoo Collective's B4MBA, firing out barbed rhymes over the bouncy fusion of grimey bounces and dancehall swing.

Elsewhere on the Hi-Tech Tongue, which is set for release on October 13 via Portuguese outlet XXIII, MANS O has called on a whole host of MCs and vocalists including Baba Sy (also from Jokko Collective), Ikram Bouloum, Khadija Zhar, Gitano del Futuro, Opoku, MBODJ and Mookie to make their contributions in Wolof, Spanish, Berber, Catalan, Darija, English, French and Creole.

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