Justin Bieber has just linked up with Benny Blanco to deliver their new track "Lonely" that comes with visuals featuring Good Boys star Jacob Tremblay. The song was produced by Blanco and Finneas.

Leading up to the song dropping, Bieber and Blanco spent the past week teasing it through different skits and snippets that they posted to their respective social media pages. On brand for Benny Blanco, the mini-skit that he posted featured rapper Lil Dicky pulling up to his mansion as he is welcomed by Blanco spewing an array of odd phrases with Bieber awaiting him in the crib.

Justin also posted a video, but instead of a skit it just featured his wife, Hailey Bieber, hiking with the track playing in the background.

"Lonely" pays homage to the trials and tribulations of growing up as a child-star, something that Justin Bieber understands far too well after being in the public eye since he was 13-years-old. The visuals for the song reflect that, having  Jacob Tremblay be a young Bieber as he tries to maneuver pop stardom, and the loneliness that came with that.

"benny and Finneas are both extraordinary writers, and it’s been amazing collaborating with them on ‘Lonely,’" Bieber said of the two artists. “To be honest, the finished song is tough for me to listen to, considering how hard it was to get through some of those chapters. Hopefully telling this story will encourage others to vocalize what they are going through."

Blanco also released a statement on the song, saying, "I’m so happy this song is coming out because not only is it personal to Justin, me and Finneas but we all get FUCKING lonely sometimes and everyone is always trying to play Superman and suppress their feelings and be strong all the time but it’s OK to take your cape off and use it as a big fucking tissue when you need to."

You can watch the music video for Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco's new song "Lonely," which was directed by Jake Schreier, up top and stream the track below via Spotify.