One of the biggest acquisitions Hipgnosis recently made was the purchase of Big Deal Music, a publishing firm repping artists like My Morning Jacket, St. Vincent, Teddy Geiger, and more. This deal brought many younger artists into the company’s grips, and Big Music has been renamed the Hipgnosis Songs Group. Mercuriadis set his sights on Big Deal Music for a few reasons. “The core to our thesis is that streaming is blowing up the pie and that's a real reason for buying into these assets right now. People have access to music and to consume music in a way that's really meaningful. Big Deal was operating as a traditional publishing company, but I'm now changing the face of it. It will become a song management company as well as a song creation company. I want to replace the concept of publishing with song management. I think publishing is a broken model and, quite frankly, I should say, I want to obliterate it, I don't want it to exist anymore.”