Rising artist Bowen has returned with a new lo-fi cut entitled "Company", a track that finds the Chinese-American songwriter and producer gaining self-acceptance through struggle.

Featuring organic drum arrangements and warm, reverb-drenched vocal layers, Bowen's latest single reflects on the issues of loneliness, self-care and self-acceptance heard previously in his music. The new song serves up a clean slice lo-fi bedroom-pop, with the 17-year-old in pensive mood througout. 

"'Company' is about not being enough for a person," Bowen tells Complex over email. "The song talks about how it feels to be incomplete without a person that doesn't want you, and I wanted to create this singular moment where the other person chose to be with someone else instead of me. The reason why I chose for this not to be a slow ballad with lots of reverb, is that situations like this happen and instead of crooning about it, I'd rather just accept it for what it is: a piece of my life."

Stream Bowen's new single, "Company", exclusively below. 

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